My begining

Hay finally stating to get a hold of this blogging(I think!!). 

I have chosen attraction because it has always been something that has fascinated me. What makes certain people attract to the other? What do we look for in a partner? What are the “rules” of attraction? Is in our genes the way we pick our partners? Does the media, peers, beliefs affected the way we chose our partners?

So my researching begins and there are loads of theories, surveys and evidence on attraction. To start off I went onto the bbc website. In which I found information that interested me but some of which I had heard before. There are a couple of quizes that can be taken,I enjoyed doing them and the results that I got from them, so maybe have a try urselfs and see what you think There is also a link on the page to the science of love, It breaks down  falling in love into 3 stages. Stage 1 Lust, Stage 2 Attraction, Stage 3 Attachment. I enjoyed reading this as it gives you more information on how the body is reacting and what chemicals that is releasing while going through all of the stages. I makes it easier to relate to.

This week Iam hoping to find out more on theories Frued, Eysenk’s, Lovenz, Bowlby’s and hopefully find out some interesting information.